Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Multi-Palette

When I saw this product on the Estee Lauder website I was very excited. I love the Estee Lauder summer range it is so beautiful and luxurious that I simply had to have the product. Estee Lauder did not have the product available on their website so I turned to House of Fraser. 

So, the product arrived yesterday and to my disappointment the product had been swatched - I was gutted. When you spend £40.00 on a product it is my expectation that the product is pristine. I made contact with House of Fraser via Twitter and initially I thought they would be helpful as they asked for all of my order details etc etc and then was informed that I would still have to send a covering letter to them with the product as there was a fault with the product and it was required to be sent back to the warehouse. There is no fault with the product someone swatched it, it is an issue with either one of the staff members looking at this beautiful, amazing product and simply could not resist and try. 

When I have previously contacted a particular high street store with an issue with an eye shadow stick being broken, they simply took the order number and looked at the picture that I had sent and sent another one without inconveniencing me with having to return the product and wait for who knows how long until another product is sent out to me. Also, I have a little one and currently four months pregnant so do not have time to keep going back and forth to the post office just because House of Fraser did not double check the quality of the product prior to sending it out. 

So, my view on House of Fraser at the moment is disappointing and I think I will stick to using John Lewis or Selfridges to order any future beauty products as I have not had any problems with the quality of the product sent to me - and I order a fair amount. 

Sorry for the rant but I am just frustrated with poor customer service and long winded returns - just very annoying. 

If you have had any experiences with poor quality beauty products being sent to you email me at thesecretworldofabeautyblogger@gmail.com or comment below. 

Superdrug Haul

Yes, I know what you are thinking not another haul. But, when you are a stay at home mother the internet becomes your best friend and I do find myself ordering random items. So, here goes: 

B. Refreshed Essence Lotion - I have never tried and essence and I know that they are an "extra" to your skincare routine, however, I just wanted to give this product ago and of course I will report back to you how I get on. This product is available here.

Vitamin E Skin Care SPF15 Moisturising Day Cream - I was looking for a very simply day cream and the consistency is exactly what I wanted it is very rich and thick. Sometimes, I need a richer cream as my face just simply eats product (especially when I am feeling dehydrated and exhausted). This product is available here and at £2.99, well you simply could not refuse. 

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer (02Fair) - I was looking for a new undereye brightening concealer and have never tried any of the concealers from the Makeup Revolution range so I thought I would give this product ago. At £2.00 it is a bargain, I will report back as to how I get on. This product is available here.

Makeup Revolution Blushes (£1.00) 
Initially, I thought these blushes were a complete bargain and I have not tried these before. However the product picture on the website is completely different (as per picture below) which I was disappointed with as the product I was sent seems cheap and different from what is advertised. I will of course give this product a try and will report back. 

Makeup Revolution Powder Blusher Sugar

These blushes are available here.






Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Essentials AA Skincare Collection - Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Conditioning Shampoo (Dry Hair)

I am currently in the process of looking for amazing products which can save me time due to having an 8 month old taking up most of my time. I am looking for products that have quality and luxurious feel as I no longer have hours and hours to spend on myself. 

After being pregnant and due to my son being so premature and spending a lot of time in hospital, my hair condition was dry and I didn't have time to go to the hairdressers so I had plenty of split ends. When I was sent this shampoo, I was very excited. The smell is simply divine - to the extent my husband has been using it (unimpressed). I like to wash my hair every day and this shampoo has been perfect, it has not stripped my hair and has left it feeling soft and shiny. This product is ideal if you suffer from dandruff and if you have sensitive skin. I would highly recommend this product and for £5.94 it is a bargain. 

Yet again, another amazing product from Essentials AA Skincare Collection if you were here you would see me giving them a massive pat on the back. So, for you busy mothers out there this is one for you !!! Check out their website here.

Elf Cosmetics Haul

I am a massive fan of E.L.F products, I feel they are a really underrated brand. E.L.F products are pure quality and value for money. This may sound a little silly, but when you hold the products they feel expensive and not cheap. I love the fact the packaging is kept simple but chic. But, and I am sorry there is a but. The time it takes to receive my order (around two weeks) just frustrated me and I feel E.L.F need to do better with this part of their service. I will be reviewing the products, so stay tuned in the future to hear my views on the products. So, lets delve into what products I have bought. 

3 in 1 Mascara (very black) - £4.50

Luscious Liquid Lipstick (Raspberry 2120) - £2.00

Blush Palette (Light) - £7.50

Highlighting Dewy Drops (Illuminating) - £5.00

Mineral Eyeliner (black) - £4.50

High Definition Undereye Setting Powder (sheer) - £4.50

Luscious Liquid Lipstick (Baby Lips 2111) - £2.00

Luscious Liquid Lipstick (Strawberry 2121) - £2.00

Small Tapered Brush - £4.50

Lipstick (Classy 7702) - £2.00

Warm Bronzer - £4.50

Volumizing and Defining Mascara (Jet Black) - £3.00

Beautifully Bare Total Face Palette (Soft and Subtle) - £8.00

Blending Brush - £4.50

Eyeshadow Palette (Need in Nude) - £12.50

Illuminating Palette - £7.50

Contour Palette - £7.50

*Please note the prices for the products was correct at the time of the blog post, but bear in mind this is subject to change. 

As a qualified make-up artist all of these products will be making it into my kit. I would recommend you to look at E.L.F website as there are so many products to choose from at such amazing prices. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New Bed Head Fully Loaded Range

Bed Head have done it yet again, they have really listened to their customer needs and wants and have come out with the Fully Loaded range. This will allow you to create messy styles with a sense of looseness and  rough which means your flat hair can go from being limp to adding instant volume. 

The Bed Head Fully Loaded Shampoo and Conditioner is a great start and basis for creating whatever look you wish. As you wash your hair with this shampoo it releases an active volume uploader technology to create lift which you can see and feel. The uploader forms micro points on the brush when you blow dry - which means, additional volume without making your hair feel dry. 

Bed Head have really invested in ensuring the volume remains in you hair throughout the day and does not drop. If your hair starts to drop during the day due to the heat, humidity all you need to do is give it a quick push back into the style you created that morning and this will assist to rebuild the shape. 

The Bed Head Fully Loaded Conditioner "pumps" your locks, the conditioner contains fibre- thickening technology which absorbs into the hair quickly and easily swelling the fires which makes them fatter and thicker without weighing the hair down.

When I used this, initially I loved the smell of the product as it smells like sweets which lasted all day. I did notice my hair could be styled easily and throughout the day I was able to restyle without any problems or tangles (which is my usual problem). In addition, sounds strange but due to have a small human being needed my constant attention the time I spend now either having a shower or bath (if you have small people you will understand the quiet time you really appreciate) but I now only use products that are luxurious and make me feel happy and this is two products that will be joining my routine. 

Would I purchase this product again? -Yes, its a great product not just for adding texture and volume but the shampoo and conditioner are genuinely very good and with the shampoo priced at £12.95 and condition £14.95 it is great value for money. Check out the Bed Head products here.
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